“This is a real learning experience for the students. I would recommend this program be expanded to all students. This program helps to bring out the creativity and it also helps to build critical thinking skills and it also motivates the students to become future scientists.”

Ms. Alexander, Teacher
“The Technology Leaders Initiative was a great experience for myself & my students. I enjoyed to see the enthusiasm in creating their inventions.”
Ms. Matos, Teacher


“Thank you for providing our students with an enriching program. I know they enjoyed this experience and based on the data they also learned. Again, thank you.”
C. Williams, Principal

“Thank you for sharing the opportunity to elevate our students’ skill and creativity.”
V. Daniels, Principal

“The students’ knowledge really increased in science and they enjoyed all of the workshops. ”
K. Emmanuel, Principal
“The program was executed with perfection… Very pleased with the results.”
Mr. Felissaint, Teacher


“Thank you for affording our students the opportunity to be involved with the Initiative and become creative thinkers.”

S. Goree, Principal
“Thanks a million. The students really enjoyed the program and the process.”
Dr. Williams, Principal
“I applaud the TLI for giving my students a taste of success.”
Mr. Matthews, Teacher
“I believe the program is an excellent program that allowed the students to discover their talent.”
Ms. Frost, Teacher
“This experience was great! My students have learned so much, which will allow them to venture out into the world. I believe it has also inspired them to be creative and innovative possibly run their own business or becoming an inventor.”
Ms. Pierre-Paul, Teacher